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The Engagement, NYE 2016

Jon and I were having a party at the house for New Year’s, and seeing everyone around, I decided to go on FB Live and just do a quick video of our friends and family. 

For some reason, our neighbor’s daughter, Jayde, insisted on “doing the video.” I thought it was odd, because she never asks to mess with my phone, but I figured whatever.

After a little bit, though, she was just standing in the same place, and only showing the same people, so I went to get my phone back from her.

Just about that time, Jon raises his voice and asks everyone to be quiet. Not knowing what he was up to, I told Jayde to get closer with my phone so she could catch whatever he was saying.

I remember thinking that he must be feeling really festive, because he never gives speeches. Then I wondered what he was planning to tell everyone. He starts talking about the good things that happened over the past year, thanking everyone for coming, how important friends and family are…

And then he asks me to come stand by him. I am NOT comfortable with being center stage, and he knows that, so my mind was really turning, trying to figure out what he was up to. 

Never in my life did I think he was going to propose to me! I blinked and the next thing I knew, he was on a knee with a gorgeous diamond ring in front of me!

To say I cried is an understatement. I burst into tears and could barely say yes! 

Of course I would marry him! 

How could I not? 

He’s That Guy. Somehow, I knew from the moment that I gave him that nickname that it fit him perfectly. According to him, he’s That Guy that every man wishes he was, because he has me. 

That Guy is who makes me laugh, takes me on road trips, is my Tough Mudder partner, calms me when I panic, and is my overal best friend. I can count on him for anything.

And That Guy has asked me to marry him.

Of course I will.


2 thoughts on “The Engagement, NYE 2016

    1. I’ve been engaged a total of 13 days. I think it’s safe to say that I haven’t had a chance to even get photos done, let alone save the date cards. I’m doing the best I can. When I have a date nailed down, I will let you know. I’m just going today to pick up my ring from getting it sized.


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