Funny Story

The Pig Story

While growing up in Michigan, my parents and their friends would roast a pig for big parties. I mean, who doesn’t love a big pig roast?

No? Not everybody does that? Hu… No, I don’t believe that. You’re gonna love this idea.

In an effort to think outside of the box and consider ways to feed approximately 100+ people, I decided that a pig roast would be a great idea! We wanted a less formal reception and it sounds like a pretty good way to save some money, too.

Doing my due diligence, I ask my next door neighbor where to get a whole pig from. I also asked him how big we needed and how much he thought it would cost to get one big enough for the reception.

After agreeing to find me the info I require, he had a suggestion.

Why don’t him and his buddy just go out and “trap a boar hog, cut his nuts off and feed him until your party.”

I’m sorry, what?

We live in a neighborhood. With neighbors. Right next door. And a homeowner’s association. With rules. This is a very bad idea.

So I start asking questions…

Me: Where would we put it? There are laws against farm animals in back yards.

Him: It’s not a farm animal.

Me: You’re right. But there are also laws about keeping wild animals!

*He just laughs* 

Him: We could probably keep it at my buddy’s house.

Me: Wouldn’t it taste gamey? 

Him: Nope. After feeding it grain for a couple of months, he will be fine.

Me: Okay. Figure up the costs of raising a wild one versus just getting a regular pig.

Him: This is a regular pig!

Me: You know what I mean…

*I’ll keep ya posted! Haha!!*


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