Backyard Wedding

Weddings for Dummies

I’m not organized. I wish I were. I get the concept. I just have no idea how to follow through.

I can plan Thanksgiving dinner or a summer bbq with the family, but let’s be honest. Planning a wedding is overwhelming, and not something I’m capable of doing alone.

Problem #1… No idea how to organize all these thoughts bouncing around in my head.

Prob #2… Very little cash flow to be directed towards said wedding.

Prob #3… I only have until the end of May (what was I thinking??)

Prob #4… I am not a team player, so I don’t know how to ask for help. I cry a lot because of that.

So, in an effort to become organized, and get a grasp of how to funnel all of these ideas into a living and breathing party, I went to the book store.

I love book stores. I could spend the whole day there. Just give me coffee and leave me alone.

But I had to focus. I found the aisle with the wedding planners… and wouldn’t you know… all of them are designed for planning a wedding a year plus out. Not one is even an ugly, half hidden, small print, 5 month binder. So, I ditched that idea.

As I perused the other wedding books (and wandered to the frozen yogurt stand, and called my bestie in an anxious state), I finally settled on a book that I thought might be helpful (and not terribly expensive, since I know me and I probably won’t finish it).

Budget Weddings for Dummies

Nope. Definitely not kidding.

This is my wedding planning book.

Somehow, the title feels right… For Dummies.

This book is be devoured as quickly as possible so I can have the most beautiful, romantic, inexpensive wedding ever made.

I realize that I have very high hopes, but a girl can dream, right?

I skim over a few chapters during the course of a couple of days, alternating with pinning things on Pinterest and freaking out because other than telling me to create a budget, I’m not learning much. I am honestly such a bargain shopper that the majority of the tips they share were obvious to me.

I want my money back for this book to put towards flowers…

Thankfully, Jon’s sister is a Godsend. Somehow she felt a Disturbance in the Force and contacted me. She offered to help!

Oh, thank Gawd!! She is creative and fun, and has experience from planning her own wedding (in two months, while pregnant, with morning sickness). Mine will be no problem then!

Just having her offer to help, and give me specific assignments to take care of right away, I already feel the pressure coming off. I just need her to break it all up into little pieces and give me homework. I’ve got this… with a little help from my new sister.

Thank you Kristi. 💖


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