Backyard Wedding

Colors & Getting Started

This is the color pallette that I’ve chosen. My favorite color is orange, so I’m loving the coral and turquoise! They’re fun colors for springtime on the beach.

We want to get married at sunset on the beach, so our ceremony will be very small, on Friday, May 26th. We’re still trying to decide which beach we will go with, but really liking the idea of heading out to the western side of the state for that, since it will just be our kids and a few very close family & friends.

Below are a few more photos of what I have in mind. The boquet colors and the dresses for the bridesmaids (minus the boots). The pic of Jon and Jack were the inspiration for the guys. I love them in subtle Hawiian shirts like in the picture. It’s one of my favorite pics of them!

I’m headed over to Kristi’s house today to do some planning with her, and then going shopping (sushi, wine slushies, etc.) with Jessica this afternoon to look at dresses.

Thank goodness for the long weekend! We can get some stuff taken care of!



3 thoughts on “Colors & Getting Started

  1. Love the colors!!!!. so I am thinking either turquoise or the coral for the material for the gazebo? are we going to paint the frame white or leave it wood color? and what kind of material do you want to use? Tony and I will be at your place tomorrow morning at 10 sharp!!!


    1. Hey! I just got my paint samples of the colors and Jon and I talked… I think we’re actuallt leaning towards white fabric, with coral and blue ribbons to tie it down. I like the idea of whitewashing, but if the wood is a lighter color, then natural would be pretty! I was thinking that chiffon would be a great fabric, but probably pricey. Toole would work great at a much lower cost, I’m sure. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!


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