Backyard Wedding

I Got my Ring Back

I had to get my ring sized, so it was really hard to give it back after Jon gave it to me! Since it didn’t fit very well as a pinky ring, I caved and turned it over. It wasn’t supposed to get back until next Tuesday, but the lady called me yesterday! I was so excited!

So now that I have it, I have to get my hair and nails done, and find an outfit to wear… and find a time when Kevin can do our engagement photos!

Once the pictures are done, we will be getting Save the Date/Invitations made. We aren’t going all traditional (if you know us, you know we do things our own way), and since we’re pressed for time, there will just be one item sent, not both Save the Date AND an Invitation.

I feel like I should note here… we are going for a relatively small get together. It will be in our back yard, so we’re limited on space and we’re trying to keep the whole thing financially doable as well. That being said, we love and are loved by so many people that we won’t be able to invite everyone!

We have several family members that want to come from out of state, and while we want you to be here, I would be okay if you skipped the wedding and just came down to visit us when nobody else is here! We love to have company, and we would be able to spend better quality time with you, instead of us juggling the chaos of a wedding and entertaining each person individually. I would hate for you to spend the money to come down, and then feel like you didn’t really get to spend time with us! 💖💍💋 

Just and idea! If you would still prefer to attend the wedding, that’s okay, too, tho!


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