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My Christmas Necklace

Some of you may know that I’ve got a lot going on right now! My daughter is getting married in October, one of my best friends got engaged on Christmas Eve, and then there’s our wedding. That’s a lot of planning! But, I wanted to share with you a cute story about how I got a diamond necklace from my (now) fiancĂ©.

As Jon tells the story, he said that he actually got my ring back around mid November. When he was at the store, he had asked them not to mail a statement, because he didn’t want me to see it. (It’s hard to keep secrets from me!) So, the day after Christmas, my daughters came over because we were going dress shopping for my oldest. On the way up the driveway, she grabbed the mail for me.

We walked in, and I told her to just toss it on the counter, and I would look at it later. I never saw the envelope from Kay’s, but, after we left to do our shopping, Jon saw the it and thought I saw it!

So, while we were out shopping for a wedding dress, Jon and my future son-in-law had to do some crisis aversion! They went back to the jewelry store, and he got a beautiful necklace with a heart pendant, covered in diamonds!

When we got back home, he gave me the necklace, claiming that he had ordered it, but it came in too late for Christmas. He acted like he had it planned all along!

Fast forward a few days, and he proposes to me on New Year’s Eve, and then tells me about how I got a diamond necklace out of the deal, because he was so worried that his surprise had gotten ruined. Haha!


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