Backyard Wedding

Backyard Setup Ideas

The general idea of how we want to set up the back yard is to put up two tents, one on each side of our patio, and string lights between them… using the patio for a dance floor. I love the idea of butcher paper and burlap used throughout to add a more earthy element. I’m trying to decide between long or round tables. So many things to think about!

I love the shabby chic idea for a backyard reception. The hula hoop made into rustic  chandeliers for inside the tents, lights and ribbons for backdrops, and the big flower made from an old book are such great ideas! I have some very crafty friends, and I know I can find places to incorporate these ideas if we do them!

I found these adorable little milk jugs to put flowers in for simple centerpieces on the tables… but in order to save $1 each, I have a friend that has committed to drinking the Starbucks Frappuccinos and saving the bottles! Haha! She’s awesome! So, I think adding a little ribbon and flowers to each one would be cute.

And finally, all of these cute little touches. If anyone has any of the items shown in these pictures that we could borrow for the reception, it would save us from needing to buy them! Or if you have skills of some sort and you’re able to make any of the more crafty items, I would love that! We only have a few months, so any help that we can get would be appreciated! And we can give everything back to you the next day! 🙂


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