Backyard Wedding

NOOOO!! Change of Date!

So my Mom just called. (She’s a party planning guru, so I’m missing her more than usual right now.)

She dropped a few ideas in my lap, which is so awesome!

Then she dropped a bombshell. 

The last weekend in May is when we were going for. Jon’s birthday is May 13th, and our dating anniversary is May 24th. I really wanted the wedding as close to that date as possible. Plus, we live in Florida, so the later in the year you wait, the hotter gets. That’s not condusive to an outdoor wedding and reception!

So the bombshell?

The weekend we picked is Memorial Day weekend! Hotels are booked! Gah!!

*I may have dropped an f-bomb on her when she broke the news to me. Oops. Sorry, Mom!

Well, crap. So, Jon & I are currently headed to Orlando (prime time to pick his brain about plans because he can’t escape me) and we discussed dates. 

Like it or not, it looks like we will need to change to the 1st weekend in June. This will make it even more difficult to get a venue if we don’t use the back yard, because it’s the biggest wedding month! 

Still thinking about eloping. I love him.I don’t need all the fuss. 


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