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Jonathan’s Plan

Jonathan and I have discussed at length the situation that we’ve found ourselves in. We’ve discussed budgets, job opportunities, and all the things that will be affected by his being finished working by February 1st.

“Mr. Optimistic” has made a plan… and it’s a really good one! (I never should have worried!) He makes me proud and moves mountains to help relieve my stress. He never ceases to amaze me (I’m so glad he chose me to marry!).

Since 2009, Jon has done photography “on the side” and anyone that has seen his work agrees that he’s really good! Getting laid off may have been the real push he’s needed to get it going full time!

He does music/bands, weddings, landscapes and portraits… and now he’s been doing some research, and has found out more about real estate photography. Apparently, this is a little tapped-into industry, and once he can make a name for himself through networking, he can do it full time!

I am so excited for him and for our family! This is an amazing opportunity, and I know he will do well at it. Please feel free to check out his pages and share them! We are in the N. Florida area.

J.W. Lee Photography Facebook Page

J.W. Lee Photography Website


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